Connor Jessup, who plays Tyler Locke in the Netflix series, shares his hopes for a "Locke and Key" Season 2, and his interest to play a giant in the installment with the use of the Giant Key.

The show took liberties in adding certain keys that are not in the original "Locke and Key" graphic novel from Gabriel Rodriguez and writer Joe Hill. Among the keys featured in the series, Jessup said he likes the Ghost Key the most because it makes you invisible, and lets you fly and talk to the dead.

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However, of the magical keys not included in the first season but are in the comics, the actor chose the Giant Key. He said he would love for it to be featured in "Locke and Key" Season 2, if Netflix renews the show.

"There are so many keys in the comics that aren't in the show, and there are new keys in the show that aren't in the comics. There's a couple of keys in the comics that we haven't seen that I love," Jessup told Global News Canada, adding, "There is a key that turns you into a giant. Especially in those comics, the key turns Tyler into a giant. And I love the idea."

The 25-year-old Canadian actor shared that he loves the concept of Tyler turning into a giant in "Locke and Key" Season 2, since it reminds him of Oprah Winfrey in "A Wrinkle in Time." He specified the "insane moment" when she turned into this 80-foot giant, and held the other characters in the palm of her hand. Jessup said he "got so much joy" imagining the actress looking at and talking to a little marker on her hand on a green-screen stage.

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In the same interview, the "Falling Skies" actor shared where he sees "Locke and Key" Season 2 is going in terms of storyline, following that curveball of a Season 1 finale. To recap, the Locke kids opened the door for the Omega Key and they threw Dodge inside. Little did they know that Dodge used the Identity Key to make Ellie look like herself. Dodge, on the other hand, has been masquerading as Gabe.

Jessup said Season 1 ended on a story that is so different from the comics. But, he teased that there is still a lot of material from the comics that will probably end up in "Locke and Key" Season 2. He hoped that the plotting for the installment will be original going forward.

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