Google Glass is dangerous 'spyware' that harms the privacy of the general public, according to Consumer Watchdog.

The wearable technology went on sale to the public for the first time on 15 April, however Google has stated that it will only be available for 24 hours and that only those living in the US are eligible to buy a pair.

The device has aroused concern over the security and privacy of users and the public. James Court, president and chairman of Consumer Watrchdog, a California-based non-profit consumer education and advocacy organization, has warned people not to buy the technology.

"This is not just a computer, this is spyware. I'm watching you, watching me. And anywhere you go, with these on, very few Americans will know that they are being recorded," said Court.

"When you wear these devices, you think you are wearing it, but really Glass is wearing you, Google is wearing you, you are becoming a set of eyes for Google. And Google has 98 percent of its revenue coming from advertising and marketing. It wants to know everything about you, and your friends, and your family, and everyone you come contact with, because it wants to target you and your friends, your family with products that the corporations that pay it want to show you. Suddenly, if you start to pick up a pair of glass for 1,500 dollars today, you suddenly become eyes for Google and give it more insight that it really deserves into our world. So we're hoping people take our advice and leave Glass where it is and don't become a Glass," he added.