Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on the public to send a strong message to world leaders ahead of the UN Climate Summit. Speaking to thousands of demonstrators at the Climate March in London on Sunday (29 November), Corbyn said that he believes a greener and equal world is possible.

Nearly 150 world leaders are gathering in Paris on Monday (30 November) in an attempt to reach a legally binding agreement that will limit global warming to 2C. The Labour leader pointed out that the negotiations will include some of the most pressing issues of our time, including environmental refugees, war refugees, and resource wars.

"Ours is a cry to use the science, use the technology, use the human genius that we have to use less resources, pollute less, protect and preserve more, but above all, to protect the natural world and the ecosystem on which we all rely," Corbyn said to huge cheers from the demonstrators at the Climate March.

Corbyn also spoke about Conservative party policies that he said were "closing down" our solar industry. The Labour Party leader said that today's climate required policies that encouraged the solar industry instead, and that also encouraged jobs that are created by the solar industry.

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Urging climate marches to use the day to build further pressure on world leaders to reach a worthy agreement in Paris, Corbyn said that it is possible to reduce the level of emissions and to slow the rate of temperature change.

He stated: "Make them understand that if we are to bequeath to future generations a world of flooding, a world of environmental disaster, a world where our children will not be able to live or eat properly, then they will do nothing and allow the pollution of this planet to continue. Our message today is to them: do what you are sent there to do."

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas also joined Corbyn at the Climate March. Lucas used her speech to remind the climate change demonstrators that the world needs a "massive investment in renewable energy and efficiency to create hundreds of thousands of jobs". She also spoke about meat production and the emissions that it creates.

"To change everything, we need everyone," Lucas emphasised. "We already know that what's on offer in Paris is nowhere near enough. We know that business as usual will take us towards a world of 4C warming. We refuse to leave our future in the hands of those inside the secure zone in a conference centre in Paris. We are here to say the fight against fracking and nuclear is only just beginning."