Two people in Argentina have been caught on camera having sex while driving a car at around 70mph.

The passenger of a passing vehicle filmed the act on his mobile phone. The footage shows a female bouncing on the lap of a male driver while he steers the car.

The couple even turned on their hazard lights.

When the driver realised he was being filmed by the passenger in the car alongside, he carried on with his partner and flicked the finger.

The incident took place on a main road in the north-west of Argentina. The road connects the capital of Buenos Aires to seven provinces and the neighbouring country of Bolivia.

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Argentina is renowned for its dangerous roads. According to a report from the International Transport Forum in 2015, around 5,000 people die per year.

The footage was originally uploaded by local news publication Notinor Jujuy. According to the newspaper, the local routes have a high accident rate. "This type of behaviour definitely does not help," it said.