DHL package
DHL are being blackmailed for €10 million worth of bitcoin. Getty

A bomber is demanding €10m worth of crypto-currency after a parcel left at a German Christmas market required the site to be evacuated.

The parcel contained nails, screws and explosive powder from Polish fireworks. It was left at a pharmacy nearby the market and thankfully failed to detonate. People said they heard a hissing sound coming when the package was opened. Police say this indicates a failed detonation.

According to Bild Daily, the criminals responsible for the parcel have demanded €10m worth of Bitcoin from delivery service DHL. Bitcoin just recently surpassed £9,000 in value.

Police say the bombers have threatened to send more parcels if the demanded sum is not met. The incidence is being labelled an "act of common crime" as opposed to a terrorist attack.

The package was found on 1 December in Potsdam, just an hour away from Berlin.

This time last year, an Islamic attack at a Christmas market in Berlin led to the death of 12 people. Police are warning people to look out for boxes with exposed wiring, shoddy delivery details and smudges.