Premiership Rugby chief executive Darren Childs said that they are looking at different options to attempt the completion of the current season despite the unprecedented spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Childs said several Premiership games might be played behind closed doors in one stadium if they wish to get the campaign finished.

Currently, rugby games are suspended until at least April 24, with nine rounds of the Premiership as well as the play-offs remaining.

Childs said, "We want to get this season finished, and if that means playing over the summer, then we will do that, as long as it is safe to do so. We won't take any risks about anyone's health and welfare. Rugby does make an impact on medical staff and hospitals because of the nature of it, and that is an absolute priority for us to make sure we are not taking any of those resources away."

Meanwhile, BBC reported that most of the 12 clubs advised their players and staff members to take 25% pay cuts to help their employers cope with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. On Monday, Harlequins became the latest club to take such a measure.

In business aspects, the pandemic has hit the sports broadcasters as well. Schedules around the world have been in turmoil because of the global league postponements.

England witnessed no professional sports since March 15. The top-flight Rugby Union in England didn't play a single game since the weekend before.

Childs assured that they are trying to become the first sport to be back on television post-pandemic, and he is hopeful of that happening. However, it seems supporters wouldn't be allowed to attend the games.

Rugby World Cup
England Rugby Team Photo: AFP / Odd ANDERSEN Odd Andersen/AFP

The pandemic is spreading worldwide and some of the biggest events have been suspended across the UK and the world. In such a situation, even closed-door encounters would be a delight for sports fans as they could watch it live on television.

Childs is targeting that very opportunity to become the first premier sporting event to be back live on TV. To execute that, teams will be required to play four games over a weekend in the same venue. Childs isn't seeing that as a problem to worry about.