Metropolitan police officers were shocked to find an old age pensioner imprisoned in her home alone in Feltham, West London. The woman, known only as Elizabeth, had accidentally trapped herself in her home after the COVID-19 lockdown was announced. Elizabeth's condition worsened as she was unable to open the door to get the groceries left at her doorstep. Police reported that her groceries had eventually been stolen and the woman had resorted to eating leftovers from the bin.

The 84-year-old woman reportedly does not have any friends or family living near her home in Feltham. Desperate to buy essentials, Elizabeth opted to order groceries and other products online. The online store she ordered from left the items at her doorstep to minimise the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, even though she had groceries at her doorstep Elizabeth was unable to bring her shopping in.

The fearful woman had accidentally managed to lock herself in. As she remained incapable of opening her door, the groceries left at her doorstep got stolen. The inconsiderate thief left the vulnerable elderly woman without groceries and essentials.

Elizabeth was eventually rescued by metropolitan police officers. Police constable Matt Hodge and Pat Peltier broke into the OAP's home to free her from her self-imprisonment. Upon entering the home, Hodge and Peltier were shocked to learn that Elizabeth had been eating from the bin to survive. They saw that the woman had barely any food left in her home. Scared that she would be running out of whatever little she had left, the woman scavenged her leftovers.

Deciding to help the lonely woman beyond just freeing her, the officers went to the shops for her. They comforted the woman by buying her groceries, toiletries, and other essential items which she could need. Elizabeth appreciated the officers going above and beyond their duty to help her out.

A post on Facebook published on Wednesday shared details of the incident. Thousands of people liked and shared the post. The comments commended the generosity of the officers. Many users also pointed out that people should check in with their neighbours to help each other through the crisis.

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OAP locked in her home rescued and helped with groceries and essentials by Metropolitan police officers. iStock