A disgusting video following a disturbing trend was shot by Instagrammer Zeeshan Ali. Ali, also known as Prince Zee, licked the handrail in a subway train compartment in New York. Following his antics, the influencer started losing followers and getting hate comments. New York is one of the hardest-hit cities in the world by the COVID-19 pandemic. While people are being asked to quarantine themselves, pranks causing public panic can land one in jail.

Ali is known for shooting YouTube prank videos where he acts outrageously in public and records the reactions of the people around him. Deciding to make use of the panic over the COVID-19 pandemic, Ali shot a video where he stood inside a subway train compartment and licked the handrail.

In the video, an evidently scared passenger wearing a mask is seen inching away from Ali while he continues to lick the pole repeatedly.

#PrinceZee risking it all...🦠😳😩 @IamPrincezee pic.twitter.com/B1FyEnJGC2


Since posting the video, the social media personality got a lot of attention. His followers started to comment on the video urging authorities to arrest him. Some shared the video on social media platforms like Twitter, clamouring for his arrest. Piers Morgan broadcast the video on Good Morning Britain while calling Ali a "moron" for his behaviour. Many of his followers unfollowed him after the prank.

Some supportive fans claimed that Ali had used a rubber tongue and had not been licking the public property in reality. Ali took to Twitter to make light of the backlash by stating that he had "triggered" a lot of people with the video. He did not offer any clarity on whether he was using a fake tongue or was actually licking the pole. The nonchalant star did change the privacy setting on his Instagram by restricting his posts from being viewed by the public.

dam i really triggered alot of you with this one https://t.co/PCpifRbeVK

— Princezee (@IamPrincezee) March 20, 2020

The disturbing trend of licking things during the novel coronavirus pandemic has seen young people licking everything from items at a grocery store to a toilet bowl. The Mirror pointed out that police in the United States arrested a 26-year-old on terror charges in Warrenton, Virginia. Cody Pfister was arrested for licking items on the shelf at a Walmart before putting them back. While the virus continues to claim lives, pranksters seem to believe that risking their own health and causing panic is the best way to get instant fame.

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An empty New York Subway car is seen on March 23, 2020 in New York City AFP / Angela Weiss AFP / Angela Weiss