Cristiano Ronaldo helped his employers earn an extra £51 million in 2018-19. The club also gained more than 40 million new fans since the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star donned the black and white shirt.

Juventus itself has transformed into one of the most successful sports brands since CR7's arrival. Ronaldo is indeed among the most popular athletes with a global fan base. On Instagram alone, he has 186 million followers as we speak. He is the social media platform's most-followed person. Ronaldo's valuable brand identity helped the defending Serie A champions boost their identity in commercial terms.

On Instagram, 32 million new fans were added to Juve's account. In the process, the Italian champions lessened their followers-gap with heavyweight establishments like FC Barcelona, Manchester United FC and Real Madrid CF.

Reports also show that Juventus' negotiations with their main sponsors were made easier. The automotive giants, Jeep, found it a valuable opportunity to be featured on Ronaldo's shirt. In the latest contract, Jeep will pay triple the amount to Juve in contrast to their previous deal.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo Reuters

Data suggests that the club's popularity now expanded to more countries than it previously had. This wouldn't have been the case had they not signed the Portuguese legend, reports claim. According to the Daily Mail, CR7 has loyal supporters who don't hesitate changing teams as many times as their idol did.

Right since Ronaldo's Manchester days, these fans followed Ronaldo to every club he blessed with his extraordinary football skills. His performance also helped him sign profitable deals outside the sport. Ronaldo's immensely powerful marketability is hard to not admit.

The 5 times Ballon d'Or winner has vowed to win more before he retires. His immovable determination and unstoppable will helped him score 700 career goals. A player like him with an unprecedented market positioning is rightly the most profitable man in sports.