Juventus became the first club to impose a salary cap in order to cut their expenses amidst the disastrous financial effects caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

One of the measures that the club has taken to ensure lower expenses would be applied from next season. It is decided that they'll hand out only those contracts that would be worth a maximum of £151,000-a-week.

According to sources, this decision has been taken to protect the club's "financial solidity."

Significantly, Cristiano Ronaldo receives an enormous £522,000-a-week salary. Despite such a huge amount, The Sun reports that Ronaldo's salary package would be exempted from Juve's salary cap.

Interestingly, players such as Paulo Dybala, Aaron Ramsey, Gonzalo Higuain and Adrien Rabiot would individually earn more than the new cap. But, it is understood that their existing deals won't be slashed either.

Once the cap is implemented, a radical shift would be seen in the club's transfer policy. In recent years, the Italian side has spent massive amounts of money to sign several big-name stars, including Ronaldo.

Back in 2018, the Turin-based club had paid a whopping €100 million, plus additional costs worth another €12 million, to sign the five-time Ballon d'Or winner.

Ronaldo has two more years remaining in his contract. Although Juve wouldn't want to see him leave the Allianz Arena, given the current financial disaster that the club is facing because of the pandemic, it is tough to predict whether they could afford to retain the superstar after 2022.

This season, the Portuguese captain has agreed to waive four months' wages in an attempt to help his club overcome the financial crisis.

Not only Ronaldo, Juve's other first-team stars also agreed to a four-month wage deferral, which would eventually help the club save around £80 million until the end of August. However, the club intends to pay this amount back in the future.

Although the financial measures implemented by Juventus are deemed necessary for the club's stability in the future, it has certainly demolished their summer transfer window plans.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images

While they were aiming to re-sign Manchester United's Paul Pogba, it wouldn't be possible anymore. The Frenchman currently earns around £290,000-a-week at Old Trafford, which is way above Juventus' salary cap.

And it doesn't seem likely that the 27-year-old World champion would agree to receive half of his current salary to return to his former club.