An intruder entered one of Cristiano Ronaldo's homes on the morning of Wednesday, October 7. He stole a number of small items before fleeing from the property in Madeira, Portugal. The man is reportedly a local drug addict whom the family has seen around. He entered the property after a garage door was left open. Items stolen include a signed Ronaldo Juventus jersey. The police are currently looking for the man to arrest him.

On the day of Portugal's match against Spain, Ronaldo's £7 million renovated property in the island capital Funchal was burgled. The door to the seven-storey home's garage was left open by some maintenance workers. Taking advantage of the security lapse, the unnamed man entered the property.

His presence inside the home was soon noticed. He was spotted using the security camera. When he realised that he had been found, he escaped with whatever he could get his hands on.

According to Diario de Noticias Madeira, the thief stole a number of small items including a signed Juventus jersey of the Portuguese national football team captain. The jersey is estimated to be worth €200 (£181).

Ronaldo's sister, Elma Aveiro, who also lives on the island, said that the family knew the man who trespassed into their home. He is reportedly a local man known to be a drug addict. The family and the police easily identified the man from the security camera footage. A manhunt has been launched to find and arrest the man. No other suspects are being sought by the police.

It is believed that during the robbery Ronaldo's mother, Dolores Aveiro, and his brother, Hugo Aveiro, were present inside the home, The Sun reported. They live on the lower floors of the building while the player and his family occupy the top floors during their visits.

The property that was burgled was bought by Ronaldo last year. In March this year, Ronaldo, his partner Georgina Rodriguez and his children were spotted spending time at the Madeira property. The family were spending time on the island after Dolores had suffered a stroke.

Police continue to look for the man involved in the theft.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo's home in Madeira was burgled the day of his match against Spain. (representational image)