The attack occurred around 4.30am, when the crocodile grabbed the man's right foot and dragged him from his tent Getty

A crocodile dragged a man from his tent in Australia's Northern Territory. The terrifying attack happened in the early hours of Monday morning (25 April) while the man was camping with his family near a creek.

The crocodile grabbed the man's right foot and dragged him from his tent at around 4.30am, according to Guardian Australia. The family had set up camp about 15m from the shore.

The family were camping in the Daly region of the Northern Territory. A spokesperson for the health department said: "He somehow or other managed to kick it away with his other foot," and that he was "very lucky."

Once free, the family drove the man to Katherine where he was treated in hospital for the puncture wounds on his leg and given antibiotics because of the bacteria in crocodiles' mouths. Australians living in areas where there are crocodile populations are warned not to stay near their habitats.

Only six of the 23 crocodile species are considered dangerous to adults. In early March, footage was captured of a 2.5m long crocodile attacking a handler at Billabong Sanctuary, North Queensland.

Renee Robertson, 25, was lucky to escape after the other keeper fought off the attacking reptile. Robertson sustained serious wounds to her arm but was expected to make a full recovery.

In February, TV Star Matt Wright, caught what was thought to be the second largest crocodile ever trapped in Australia. The massive creature was said to be 5.58m long and weighed more than 890kg.