Filming for "The Crown" Season 4 resumed in Malaga, Spain, where Emma Corrin undoubtedly surprised onlookers by her uncanny resemblance to the late Princess Diana. Behind-the-scenes photos show the actress looking nearly identical to the Princess during a tour with Prince Charles.

Corrin is the spitting image of Lady Diana Spencer, with her blonde bob haircut and pink polka dot dress, which she paired with a statement hat. The actress mirrored what the late princess wore during a royal tour with Prince Charles in Australia in 1983. It was a complete copy from the headpiece, the belted waist, down to the white clutch bag she carried.

Meanwhile, Corrin's co-star, Josh O'Connor, who portrays Prince Charles, channeled the British Royal's look during the same outing. He had on a gray suit sans the yellow flower brooch and the striped necktie that Charles wore.

Loving the new photos of Emma Corrin filming scenes for Charles and Diana's tour of Australia for the fourth season of The Crown. #DianaPrincessofWales #TheCrown

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#TheCrown | Today the filming of The Crown in Malaga was done next to the south tower of the cathedral among other locations.

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This is not the first time that the 23-year-old Corrin had royal followers in awe at her striking resemblance to Princess Diana. Fans had their first look at the actress as the British Royal last week, when "The Crown" Season 4 filmed another scene for the Australian tour.

The "Pennyworth" actress wore an all-white ensemble similar to what Princess Diana wore when she brought 9-month-old Prince William along for the trip. She had on a white button-down dress, a white belt, white purse and matching white flats.

Other behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of "The Crown" Season 4 showed Corinn in similar outfits to what Princess Diana wore during other public appearances.

#EmmaCorrin recreates Princess Diana's visit to Sydney in 1983 and is swarmed by fans while shooting The Crown season 4 - which is ALREADY filming a month before series 3 premiere @RoyalFamily

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Despite what fans may see as uncanny similarities, Corrin said that she does not see much of a physical resemblance to the late Princess of Wales. The actress has been told several times by her mother that she "looks like Diana" and said that she has been mistaken as the princess "throughout her life."

"But I have never had that. I get young Jodie Foster," Corrin told The Hollywood Reporter.

As for landing the role of Princess Diana in "The Crown" Season 4, Corrin recalled she got the offer in a room. At that time, she felt so thrilled and happy like she had just "been proposed to."

Rarely seen photos of Princess Diana
15 June 1995: Princess Diana meets members of the Bolshoi Ballet during her visit to Moscow Tim Graham/Getty Images