A sickening footage was shared on Instagram, of a man in a Union Jack Jacket abusing a small dog. The man repeatedly dunked the dog into a canal in London and even left it submerged for a bit before pulling it out of the water. Acting fast on the video posted on Tuesday, Ealing Police identified the suspect. The animal abuser has reportedly been arrested and the dog removed from his custody.

The short video posted on Instagram showed the small terrier type dog with its owner. Taking out his frustration on the dog, the owner is seen pulling the dog's leash and essentially choking it with the collar. He then jerked the dog into the water, submerging it completely. He then jerked the dog out of the water and left him hanging by his neck before submerging him again.

A man is throwing and abusing his dog by Southall Canal, this is horrible and he needs to be found

The person recording informed us that they called the police (@Official_RSPCA) pic.twitter.com/NsXrCIqQsV

— London & UK Crime.. (@CrimeLdn) April 7, 2020

In the video, the dog was choked and dunked five times in swift succession, ensuring that the dog was unable to breathe. The last time the owner dunked the animal in the water he let the animal struggle for some time. The dog can be seen struggling to get out of the water. Instead of letting the dog up, the owner bent down to ensure that the animal was completely submerged.

Finally, the owner pulled the dog out and walked off as if nothing had happened. He was also seen picking up and throwing away something the dog had tried to sniff after the ordeal.

Tagging the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Metropolitan Police, many people shared the video on various social media sites. Some also criticised the person who shot the video for not intervening and allowing the abuse to take place.

Ealing police took to Twitter on Wednesday to share an update of the incident.

Police are investigating after it was reported a man repeatedly submerged a dog in the Grand Union canal #Southall on 7 April

A 37-year-old man has been arrested
The dog is now with our officers

Great work @MPSSouthallGrn @MPSDormersWells @MPSSouthallBdwy @MPSNorwoodGreen pic.twitter.com/ZO9SSBN85Y

— Ealing MPS (@ealingMPS) April 8, 2020

An unnamed 37-year-old man has been arrested for abusing the dog near Southall's Grand Union Canal. They shared a picture of the dog and assured that the dog had been removed from the custody of the owner. The swift action of the police saved the dog from the cruel owner, and many people on Twitter offered to take in the dog after the abuse it faced.

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