Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO's Operation Phoenix update will be serving up a scoop of community-made goodness according to a new post on the Counter-Strike blog. A portion of the proceeds from the maps will go towards contributors.

With a pass fee of just $2.99, players who get the update will be treated to eight top voted operation maps chosen by the community, upgradeable coin with competitive stats and 13 new community created weapon finishes.

The maps include Favela, Cache, Motel, Seaside, Downtown, Thunder, Ali, and Agency, which will be available for a season pass fee.

Valve is Spreading The Wealth

Valve is easily one of the most loved video game companies in the world since it has always stood by and supported its community of gamers by regularly offering fresh content, updates and fixes to its customrers.

This time, the company has gone one step ahead and is ensuring that contributors from its community are rewarded for their eforts and patronage towards the game.

Half Life 3

However, fans do have a reason to be cross with Valve, since the company has refused to talk about the existence of its much awaited "Half Life 3", the purported sequel to its best selling and path breaking Half Life 2.

Recently, a leak indicated that Half Life 3 might just be in the works, giving millions of fans hope that the game is under development. Valve has refrained from reacting to the leak.

Even Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve, has tried to capitalise on the game's hype. Back in January, he said that he would do an AMA on Reddit if donations to his hospital hit $500K. It goes without saying that if that AMA does happen, the most asked questions would be related to Half Life 3.