Counter Strike Global Offensive or CS GO, received its first automatic pistol, the CZ75-Auto, last night.

CS Go CZ75-Auto

"Introducing Counter Strike's first ever fully automatic pistol - the C75 Auto", said the blog post.

Gamers will be happy to know that the new pistol is now available to everyone as a stock weapon for both teams. It can be equipped as a load out alternative to the P250.

The gun promises to be an absolute joy to use for players who are looking for an affordable yet lethal side arm. The post also added that the gun will be "an inexpensive choice against armoured opponents".

"The CZ's stats are identical to the P250 with two important exceptions: the pistol is fully-automatic, and comes with far less ammo. Accurate and deadly, the CZ75-Auto demands precise timing and trigger discipline."

Have a look at the video below to gain an understanding of what the gun looks and sounds like.

The latest update brings in some new fixes, tweaks and weapon balances as well. Check out the full change log here.

Apart from this, a new weapon case is out as well. CSGO Weapon Case 3 contains some colourful finishes for the brand new CZ75-Auto, apart from a few of the pistols.

Valve has been consistent with its support for CS GO, treating players to new items and updates at a regular basis. On many occasions, the publisher has also acted on customer feedback. A suitable example was the AUG, a weapon that was far too powerful. After noting several complaints from players, Valve has now stepped in and fixed it.