A Russian citizen suspected of hacking US targets has been apprehended in a joint operation conducted by the Czech police and the FBI, the Czech police said in an official statement. The unnamed alleged hacker was detained within 12 hours of receiving the "first operational information", thanks to the "rapid flow of information" with the US authorities.

The suspect, who was with his girlfriend at the time of the arrest, was found in a hotel in Prague. The alleged Russian hacker was "so surprised" by the police crackdown that he fainted and had to be immediately provided with first aid by the Czech police on scene, according to officials. The alleged hacker was later admitted to a hospital.

The Czech police statement said they had "successfully collaborated with the FBI. The aim of the police was this time a Russian citizen suspected of hacking attacks on targets in the United States".

Officials are yet to release any information on the suspect, including his name, age and the charges filed against him. It is also unknown as to which individuals and or organisations in the US the Russian is believed to have hacked.

According to the Czech police's statement, the municipal court in Prague is slated to take a decision on possible extradition of the alleged hacker to the US.

The news of the arrest comes amid growing concerns among US authorities over the impending presidential elections coming under attack by foreign state-sponsored hackers. The Obama administration recently announced that the current administration is considering a "proportional" response to the perceived Russian interference with the elections. The White House has also allegedly asked the CIA to prepare a covert cyber strike against the Kremlin.