Dale Cregan wants to get cancer in prison PIC: GMP

Dale Cregan wants to get cancer in prison PIC: GMP

Cop killer Dale Cregan wants to die and is praying that he gets incurable cancer in prison, he has told relatives.

One-eyed Cregan, 30, is serving life behind bars for killing Pc's Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes and also two rivals in Manchester's criminal underworld, last year.

Bone and Hughes died when Cregan lured them to a house and then launched a gun and grenade attack.

His killing spree triggered the biggest-ever manhunt by Greater Manchester Police, which ended when Cregan handed himself in.

Cregan is serving time at Ashworth secure psychiatric hospital after going on hunger strike at Strangeways prison. It means staff are allowed to force feed Cregan, unlike in the prison.

Cregan is sharing facilities with the likes of Moors murderer Ian Brady. It appears the situation is getting to him.

A source told the Mirror: "He knows he'll never be freed from prison, and the enormity of what he did is starting to dawn on him. He is praying he dies early. He told his family, 'I'm not going to kill myself but I wish I had cancer'.

"He says he is sorry for everything he did. Whether anybody believes it or not is another matter."