Outspoken fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has savaged Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as "evil" and a "war-mongerer". And she is not fond of Republican candidate Donald Trump either.

"I would not vote for either of them," said Westwood, 75.

"If there's a Green person I would vote for the Green person. I wouldn't even pick Barack Obama over them, either," she added.

She saved particular vitriol for Clinton. "I don't expect the world to change with Hillary Clinton," she said, adding: "And I'm not pro-Trump."

She also had a few choice words about the UK political scene in an interview which will air on CNBC on Thursday (13 October).

Prime Minister Theresa May "apparently wants to try to help people," Westwood noted. "She won't be able to, unless she starts to attack the money system, and first of all you need to bring in a green economy."

May could be the same as those who came before her – David Cameron and Tony Blair – to apply "this terrible system which is not only making everybody poor, but even dying from the fumes in the air," she added. "All kinds of terrible war, everything, is caused by this system."

Asked what she would say if she could have 10 minutes alone with May, she said: "What I want to tell Theresa May is: 'You could be the most wonderful woman in the world, you could be the most important person that ever trod on this planet because if you wanted you could turn it around.'"

The firebrand environmentalist encouraged everyone to pitch in to make the world a better and greener place.

"We've got to have a green economy, and a green economy is a fair economy," she said.

"We live in a myth. People believe that somehow the whole of evolution is done for one end result, which is us."