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Daniel Craig as secret agent James Bond Sony Pictures

The search for the next James Bond has been going on for the better half of this year with big names being floated around to fill in the shoes. In fact, Daniel Craig too is in the running. But with the spy thriller looking forward to a 2018 opening, the Bond producers are reported to have hit the 'panic' mode as Craig is yet to confirm for the lead role.

According to latest reports, the producers of James Bond movies want the 48-year-old English actor to reprise his role as agent 007 once again in the 25th edition of the franchise. However, Craig has left both the Bond bosses and fans hanging by a thread as he delays confirmation.

"Daniel and MGM are currently at a stalemate with him having not spoken to them about Bond," a source told The Mirror," adding, "They have offered a bigger wage deal, and asked about his filming availability to his reps in 2017, but as yet they have not spoken to Daniel."

This could mean bad news for the film, considering that Craig had previously turned down the role with dramatic arguments. If the Spectre actor's words were to be believed, he would rather slit his wrists than play Bond again in the coveted spy series.

But, the actor seemed to have a change of heart later as he said that he would "terribly" miss being the tuxedo-clad spy is he "were to stop doing it". "I've got the best job in the world. I'll keep doing it as long as I still get a kick out of it," the action star had confessed.

As the man-hunt for the lead actor (rather the wait for confirmation from Craig) continues, a lot seems to be hanging in the air.

"[MGM bosses] want Bond 25 out in October 2018, but currently they have no Bond, film dates or knowledge of when that will change," suggest the report, "Daniel's commitment is also a key part of whether Sony Pictures will come in to co-finance the film. So much is hanging in the air – and no-one knows."

Interestingly amid all these, Craig is working with Bond executive producer Barbara Broccoli on New York stage show, Othello.