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Blake Shelton has been dating singer Gwen Stefani for over a year after breaking up with Miranda Lambert Reuters

Speculations have been rife that country singer Miranda Lambert's relationship with Anderson East might have fizzled out. As the split rumours continue to swirl, a new report claims that Lambert's ex-boyfriend Blake Shelton couldn't be any happier that he is not a part of her drama anymore.

"Blake is the nicest guy in Hollywood, and he's more relieved than ever that he's no longer with Miranda," a source told Hollywood Life shedding light on the relationship shared by the former lovers.

"Blake has been hearing the stories about Miranda's latest relationship with Anderson East, and it reminded him of all the drama that surrounded him when he was with her," the source added.

If rumours are to be believed, 33-year-old songstress was dumped by her much younger beau East because she changed her mind at the last minute when it came to their anticipated wedding.

"Miranda unwittingly sabotaged any last chance of keeping their romance alive," an alleged source told Star magazine adding, "when she put their earlier, tentative wedding plans on hold in November, telling Anderson she was too busy travelling and promoting her new album."

Although the claims made by the gossip magazine remain unverified as neither of the stars has made any official announcement, the rumoured split comes as a shock to many but Shelton.

"He has lots of love for Miranda, but he's happier to be in a drama-free relationship with Gwen," the Hollywood Life report continues. "He doesn't miss any of the wild times he shared with Miranda."

Lambert's ex-boyfriend Shelton seems to be going strong with his The Voice co-star Gwen Stefani. During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 40-year-old country crooner gushed about his helicopter dates with the 47-year-old Stefani.

"We use that thing a lot," Shelton said of the rendezvous with Stefani. "It gets a lot more use than you would think."

Shelton and Stefani – who are both recently off their past relationships – met on the set of NBC singing reality competition, The Voice.