Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has spoken about his supposed 'one-egg-a-day diet' to lose weight for his role in the upcoming film Jungle. The 28-year-old actor was said to have endured the unappealing regimen for two months.

Radcliffe plays real life adventurer Yossi Ghinsburg in the film which recounts his ordeal of going missing in the Amazon jungle for three weeks in 1981. He scavenged food to survive, including eggs. Ghinsburg lost 35lbs as starvation and disease took its toll on his body. He was 21 years old at the time.

Radcliffe appeared on ITV's Lorraine today (19 October) to clear up reports that he was just living on a single egg a day, and revealed exactly how he lost all the weight.

He told host Lorraine Kelly: "I ate just one chicken breast and a protein bar for two weeks before the shoot in order to look thin.

"It's not recommended, it's a really unsafe way to lose weight. It was horrible but it was worth it for the meal afterwards."

He also said: "It took me a while to get back to eating properly afterwards, it does mess with your head".

Israeli adventurer Ghinsberg, 58, who is now based in Australia, tells a remarkable tale of survival. Having been cast over a waterfall and separated from his party, Ghinsberg endured parasites burrowing into his skin, his feet rotting from fungal infection, and near starvation before being rescued at the 11th hour.

He endured attacks from wild boars and was threatened by poisonous snakes during his ordeal, and even made a flamethrower from mosquito spray and a lighter to stave off a jaguar. Apparently he learned this "from a James Bond movie".

Radcliffe said: "I'm not a method actor, but it would seem weird if I was playing this guy stuck in the jungle and going home, having a lovely steak dinner at the end of the day."

Fans were delighted by Radcliffe's appearance on Lorraine, but some miss the Harry Potter days.

One viewer tweeted: "Seeing Daniel Radcliffe in anything other than Harry Potter just doesn't seem right #lorraine".

Another added: "Daniel Radcliffe is such a wholesome, humble chap @ITVLorraine #ITV #lorraine #DanielRadcliffe".

A third said: "Daniel Radcliffe is such a cute lil bean #lorraine".