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Fans' hope that THQ Nordic will finally announce the "Darksiders 4" has been rekindled after last month's arrival of the "Darksiders 3" to the Nintendo Switch console. This time, gamers expect that the highly-anticipated title would let them control Strife as a playable character in a hack-and-slash full-3D solo adventure.

Many fans feel that it's high time Strife gets the spotlight in "Darksiders 4" as the main playable character. Many pointed out that every other Horseman of the Apocalypse already received their solo story except for Strife, who is only playable in the spin-off prequel "Darksiders Genesis."

"From the previous game, it's clear that Strife was always supposed to have his own story arc," Collider pointed out. "The Horseman must go on his mission for the Charred Council, find out the truth about their deception, and then ally with Makers to protect Humanity."

Fans expect the "Darksiders 4" to answer some of the cliffhangers introduced by the previous games. For instance, Strife was left behind at the end of "Darksiders 3" to hold off the Destroyer and his army of demons. At this point, the Horseman still possessed his two revolvers, Mercy and Redemption.

However, the two mystical weapons became tools for War and Death in the first two Darksiders games. Fans have always been wondering what happened to Strife during the demonic attack.

Did Strife die? This is certainly a possibility and would explain why the two weapons were in possession of Makers before they were gifted to War and Death. While this is certainly possible, it would be better to clear up the whole affair in "Darksiders IV."

"We need to learn how Strife lost his revolvers after his death or imprisonment," the publication added. "Jumping these steps in favour of the final crossover between the Four Horsemen would not only be unfair to Strife but also to players who would be deprived of another solo adventure that shakes up the franchise's core gameplay."