grieving widower was attacked on two separate occasions by his drunk daughter. Keith Hindley thought that his daughter, Claire Hindley, would take care of him if he let her live in his Wythenshawe home. Claire, however, became verbally and physically abusive towards Keith. Claire was arrested for assault and will be spending two years in jail for her actions.

In September 2019, the 63-year-old man became a widower. He decided to let his daughter live with him after his wife's death. The day after her mother's death, Claire returned to the Manchester home drunk. A verbal altercation between the father and daughter led to Claire turning violent. Keith tried to hold her down on the couch. In retaliation, Claire bit him on his arm leaving a lasting bite mark. Keith did not report the incident to the police.

Seven weeks after the incident, Claire was given £10 to go buy a lager for herself. When she returned home, she neither had the alcohol nor the money. When Keith asked her about the money, Claire got agitated and left the home. She returned at around 1 a.m. in a drunken state.

Keith and Claire started arguing and she turned physically violent again. Claire started hitting Keith until he fell down. Once the elderly man fell to the floor, Claire started kicking him in the head, face, and body. Using the heel of the Dr. Martens boots she was wearing, Claire tried to do as much damage as she could.

After kicking him 10 to 15 times, Claire got a small hammer to hit Keith with. He managed to take the hammer from her hands. She then got a sledgehammer and struck him in the stomach with it. She also bit him during the assault and threw a hot meat pie from the microwave at his face. Claire then left the home, allowing Keith to call emergency services for assistance.

According to The Manchester Evening News, when police arrested Claire she said: "What about what he's done to me?" Claire tried to convince the police that Keith had attacked her and she had acted in self-defence.

Manchester Crown Court heard details of both incidents in which the elderly man was injured. Claire pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and unlawful wounding. She was sentenced to two years in prison. She also had a five-year restraining order which prevents her from going to Keith's home. However, Keith agreed to allow Claire to contact him over the phone.

Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court
An abusive daughter was jailed by Manchester Crown Court for assaulting her elderly father on multiple occasions. (representational image) Wiki Commons / Bristol Filer