David Cameron appears to have lambasted the Conservative government as "stupid" after it broke its manifesto promise not to increase National Insurance contributions (NICs).

In the run-up to the 2015 general election, the former prime minister repeatedly said that raising NICs would harm working people and pledged not to do so.

This promise was also detailed in the Conservative manifesto. However, Prime Minister Theresa May – in office with the mandate secured at that election – broke that promise in the 2017 Spring Budget announced on Wednesday (8 March).

May now appears to have delayed the move, which affects self-employed workers, after a Tory revolt put pressure on the government, but not before Cameron made it clear exactly how he felt about the broken pledge.

He was in attendance at the unveiling of a new memorial to veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when cameras focused in on him as he was holding a conversation with Defence Secretary Michael Fallon.

Audio of the discussion was not available. However, Cameron appeared to say: "Breaking a manifesto promise – how stupid can you get?"

In a tweet containing the video, TV's royal editor Chris Ship wrote: "I could be wrong – but at Iraq service today, it seems to me Cameron is saying something about 'manifesto' and 'stupid'. You decide..."

The video was widely shared on social media as members of the public and pundits tried to guess the exact words.

Numerous other videos of Cameron were then shared, which highlighted the Conservative pledge not to increase NICs.

One video, filmed prior to Cameron's resignation, also showed the then-prime minister telling his cabinet about the importance of keeping election promises.

"I also want you to remember what we were elected on – this [manifesto] document," he said.

"In here is the programme we have a mandate to deliver on – all of it ... we will be properly accountable.

"When you vote for something you get it ... That is one of the most important things we can do to restore trust and faith in politics. When you vote for something you get it."