Occasional historian David Starkey sparked an outpouring of anger at his latest appearance on Question Time, with furious viewers branding it "political incorrectness gone mad".

Online offence piled up like a proverbial motorway car crash almost every time the TV pundit opened his mouth on the BBC current affairs panel show.

Twitter critics accused Starkey of insulting the entire Muslim population, being misogynistic for shouting down female members of the panel and audience, and berated him for claiming children are capable of seducing adults.

Oh, and Starkey also called Asian panellist Mehdi Hasan "Ahmed" by mistake.

Yes, almost everyone present at the BBC panel show was miffed with Starkey at some point during proceedings, which probably added up to a good night's work in the bespectacled controversialist's mind.

Below are some of the ripe Twitter reactions to Starkey's latest display of pot-stirring. Will he ever return to his history books and to making high quality TV documentaries? If only.