Mick and Whitney grow closer as his life spirals out of control BBC

EastEnders fans on Twitter were quick to point out what they saw as another striking blunder in the latest episode.

Viewers were puzzled when within a matter of minutes night turned to day on the BBC show.

When Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) left Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) at the Walford East Tube station after saying goodbye to her friend, it was dark outside, suggesting the scene took place in the evening.

Whitney was leaving for Spain to start a new life with Woody Woodward (Lee Ryan).

However, just minutes later, Whitney was seen standing next to her suitcase still waiting for Woody and it was suddenly bright, clearly indicating daytime.

Stacey appeared to leave at night after saying goodbye to Whitney BBC
In the next scene Whitney is seen at the station during the day. BBC

Fans of the TV show commented on Twitter:

The fact that Woody had stood her up and that she had waited overnight was revealed only later when Whitney discovers a note from Woody which said that she should stay in Walford.