It looks like Sony carefully curated its most recent State of Play presentation. The show started off with an odd title and ended with a big reveal. However, within the montage of trailers was an unexpected product announcement.

Ever since its lengthy gameplay preview during the 2019 Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima's new game is shaping up to be another hit. Hence, it is quite a surprise to see that "Death Stranding" will be getting a limited edition console bundle.

This bespoke gaming system does not really bring anything new to the table. Nevertheless, the stunning design makes it an attractive option for collectors. By now, gamers already have an idea of what the plot is all about. Sony goes for a unique look that pays tribute to in-game elements that fans will immediately recognise.

Tomorrow is in your hands.

Death Stranding launches on PS4 November 8. More details and Collector’s Edition info:

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) May 30, 2019

On the other hand, the package seems like a good deal for those planning to buy a PS4 when the game is out. The console packs a terabyte of storage, which is more than enough for regular users. However new owners who are planning to go digital for all future games can always plug in an external hard. The retail price will be $399.99 (321.71 pounds) as stated by The Verge.

Get your 🖐 on the Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro Bundle, just unveiled during #StateOfPlay:

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) September 24, 2019

While other limited edition PlayStation systems released before have been a hit-or-miss affair. The "Death Stranding" PlayStation 4 Pro looks like a winner. The top and bottom are draped in white, while the middle section is clad in black with the action game's title set in golden script. The top surface of the shell features black dripping handprints similar to the ones that show up in-game. In order to accommodate these fancy graphics, Sony relocated the PlayStation to one of the corners.

Next is the controller included in the bundle, which appears to be an homage to the BB Pod. The latest trailers show Sam, the protagonist, carrying around a special container that holds a baby inside. Hence, the Dualshock 4 sports a translucent orange casing that resembles the BB Pod. Although it is not immediately visible from afar, the "Death Stranding" can be seen when the light hits the surface just right.

Death Stranding
Hideo Kojima has teased that his upcoming debut game, Death Stranding, could be released before 2019 and feature a female protagonist. Kojima Productions