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Casino - Gambling Myth
Gambling myths often cloud our understanding of risk and chance, but a closer look can reveal the truth behind these popular misconceptions.

Whether or not you are a staunch believer in the idea that casinos do cheating, or that you can get into jail if caught playing cards. You will find a lot of myths out there surrounding the world of gambling.

In this blog post, you will come to know the truth about 4 of the biggest gambling myths, which are just mere lies. You will know exactly why these myths are just myths that people should not believe in after reading the below explanation.

MYTH 1: Emitting of Oxygen in the Air

Some gamblers, regardless of their age, have been thinking all their life that casinos secretly increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. This means that the casino floor is pumped with more oxygen - which makes customers energetic and hyped to gambling.

Not only this, but some gamblers think the casino authorities add pheromones. It should be known that all such thinking has no logic in it and is false. If the casinos start adding air to the atmosphere, then the casino floor will turn highly flammable — cropping up a fire risk.

Just picture this, is there any casino owner that would want to burn down the building of their casino? If you think about it, the answer is a plain no! Also, no country's law in the world allows anybody to change the supply of natural air. Therefore, a legal casino comes with no such risk of extra air addition.

MYTH 2: Rigging is Carried Out in Casino Games

You should be crystal clear about the fact that casino games are not rigged at all. Do casinos design gambling games in a way that the house gets the most advantage, absolutely yes! But, this advantage is given on a long-term basis which involves thousands of casino players, and that's where casinos make their money from.

But, that does not mean that you or someone else cannot win the game. A lot of people rightly think that games being played on the table are fair. This is because players can see exactly what the dealer is doing, while the game is going on.

But, people feel there's something fishy about the slot machines. What is it exactly that's taking place inside a slot machine? All the slot machine games in casinos work on the principle of RNG - meaning random number generation. This way, random and unexpected results are guaranteed to the players. It also means a player always has the chance of hitting a payout at all times.

When you go to a licensed and regulated casino, you can rest assured. The RNG slot machines of the legal casinos are regularly checked by third parties who ensure no rigging or manipulation is going on. These points make it clear that the games are not rigged in any way.

MYTH 3: One Does Not Get Addicted to Gambling

Let it be very clear to you that gambling is very addictive. You should not listen to people who say that there's no big deal to do gambling just once or twice, and you won't get addicted to it. Whether it is gambling in a brick-and-mortar casino or a popular online gambling platform like Betsquare Australia, you can easily fall into the trap of gambling more frequently than you can afford.

Whenever a player hits a win, they start to feel good. Upon each successful hit, a gambler feels a dopamine hit in the brain, which is the feel-good brain chemical. It is the same dopamine that forges you to go to a casino again and try your luck!

As players chase more wins, they start to think they've got to take more risks and make more money. Doing so ultimately puts you in a state of liking gambling, which can be both harmful and good.

MYTH 4: Counting Cards is Not a Legal Thing

You should bear in mind that counting cards is not an illegal thing. But yes, because by counting cards, a player takes away the edge of a casino. That's why casinos don't like it when a player counts cards, and so they won't take it kindly.

If a player is caught counting cards, then that person will be asked to leave the casino. Typically, the worst that can happen is that the casino will notify other casinos about who they are, and warn them not to let the person that was counting cards play table games.

However, these are the penalties imposed on you only by the casinos. But, from a legal point of view, you'll be safe. You do not have to worry about being summoned by a court of law or going to jail. Counting cards is illegal is a myth which has no authenticity.