8-month-pregnant woman was found chopped up and dumped in two different sacks at the side of a road - Representational image Reuters

In a ghastly incident in the south Indian city of Hyderabad, a rotting body of a pregnant woman was found chopped up and dumped in two different sacks on the roadside.

An autopsy report stated that the victim was eight-month-pregnant and was about to deliver a baby boy in a few days. Police are suspecting that someone who did not want her to deliver the child might have killed her as the victim had injuries on the ribs.

"It appears that someone who did not want to have the baby was behind the murder," Deputy Commissioner of Police Vishwa Prasad told The Times of India newspaper.

The gruesome murder came to light after some civic workers found two sacks with foul smell on Tuesday, 30 January, morning. They opened the sacks and to their shock, found amputated body parts inside them. Soon police were called to the scene, who seized the two bags – one containing the torso and head, and other had the remaining limbs.

Local media reports stated that it was easy for police to guess that it was a body of a female, since it was wearing traditional attire for women in India. They suspect the victim was murdered at some other location and was then chopped up into pieces before being dumped at another place.

Police have described the approximate height, age and skin colour of the woman, requesting people to come forward with any information.

"The lady is about 5ft 4 inches tall, medium built, about 30 years old, round faced and has a fair complexion. She was eight months pregnant. She wore a maroon colour kurta (top), red colour pyjama, silver toe rings, maroon colour bangles and a copper finger ring," police said in a statement.

They also requested "doctors, mainly obstetricians and gynaecologists, to inform us if any lady with such a description came for consultations. Flat owners or neighbours can also provide clues if they have seen a similar dress or came to know about a missing pregnant woman".

Authorities added that the woman seemed to be from the northern part of the country, The News Minute reported.