Deepika Padukone

Happy New Year star Deepika Padukone's 'cleavage controversy' is far from over. Following her open letter to Times of India over the issue, the leading publication has now openly gone aggressive in defending their position.

Today's Bombay Times front page has taken a stand where they labelled the Happy New Year actress a 'calendar girl' and questioned her moral values and judgement on going uptight over her cleavage being shown on their website.

Deepika Padukone

After slamming TOI on Twitter and writing an open letter to them through her Facebook account, the actress is now under attack by India's most powerful media house.

Many believe that this could just be a publicity stunt for the actress and for her newly released film Finding Fanny. Meanwhile, promotions for her next big movie with Shahrukh Khan, Happy New Year, are on in full swing.

However, several fans and users are tweeting in support of the actress. Check out some of the tweets below: