Democrats have been warned to be "respectful" during US President Donald Trump's address, despite some making it clear they will show their disapproval for the Republican.

The president will speak to Congress later today (28 February), in what will be his first joint session address.

But one Democrat has announced plans to boycott the address, while the GOP fears there may be disruption during the speech.

However, Democrat representative Steny Hoyer said: "The only thing we have urged members to be is respectful," explaining a California Democrat who did not feel they could do so had opted to boycott.

"Maxine Waters, as you know is not going. She's announced she's not going ... because she believes people ought to be respectful to the president of the United States and she's not sure she could be, so she's not going to go."

Democrats said they would not be taking the same path as Republican Joe Wilson, who shouted out 'you lie' during former president Barack Obama's healthcare address.

However, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus Joseph Crowley told The Hill there would be a show of disapproval towards the president, with some Democrats stating they would make their feelings clear by displaying a lack of enthusiasm rather than interrupting Trump's speech.

Crowley said: "As much as we have nothing in common with the president, we do respect the office of the presidency.

"I respect office of the presidency itself. And keeping that in mind, we'll be polite. By our lack of enthusiasm, by a lack of applause, but respectfully being there ... [we are able to] send that same message."