• Banning of Islamic veil could also include "comprehensively masking items".
  • Denmark police told to make decision on case by case basis.

Denmark's proposal for a new law banning the wearing of burqas in public could also include items such as masks, helmets and even fake beards, according to reports.

The country's Ministry of Justice's draft for the legislation, announced last October, could also make it illegal for people to wear any clothing items covering the face in public place.

The definition includes scarves, masks, costumes or any other hat that covers the face, reports Danish broadcaster DR.

Police officers will be asked to decide on a case by case basis whether anyone seen covering their face in public breaks the new law. This includes if the covering item is covering the face for a "worthy purpose", such as cold weather.

Anyone found to be in breach of the law could face a fine of 1,000 kroner (£117, €134) or up to three months in prison.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen of Denmark's Liberal Party, which leads a centre-right governing coalition, said in October when the new law was announced: "This is not a ban on religious clothing, this is a ban on masking."

According to estimates, the ban would affect relatively few people as only around 200 women the Islamic garment sin the Scandinavian country.

Austria brought its own burqa ban law on 1 October but there was still some confusion as to what the law actually covers.

Just a matter of days after the law was brought in, a man wearing a shark costume was fined by police for breaking the anti-burqa laws, with cyclists also reportedly being stopped for covering their faces with scarves.

Swiss burka ban
The so-called burqa ban in Denmark was announced last October iStock