Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp has cautioned his former club against sacking Arsene Wenger. The 46-year-old Dutchman has warned the Gunners that they risk a Manchester United-like downturn in their results if they decide to dispense with the services of the Frenchman.

Wenger, 66, has been in charge of the club since 1996, but has recently faced stinging criticism because of their failure to lift the Premier League title since 2004. Despite this, Bergkamp – who played under Wenger at Arsenal – thinks the club should stick with their current manager.

"He knows his players so well," Bergkamp said of the Arsenal boss, according to the Daily Mail. "It's like a puzzle, he's adjusting every player all the time so everything fits together. He's got a picture in his mind how it should be. And he knew when to push the team, when to let go, when to relax."

Despite his advancing years, Bergkamp is confident Wenger is still the man to take Arsenal forward. He warned, too, that a change in manager could lead to a fall from grace, as has been the case at Manchester United since Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement in 2013.

"I still think he's got that drive and if he gets the opportunity to stay there, he will take it I'm sure," said Bergkamp, who left Arsenal in 2006. "He's still a good manager and you never know what you'll get if you bring a new one in. That's the problem.

"Look what happened at Man United when Sir Alex Ferguson left. You never know what's better. To bring someone new, someone fresh or stick to someone who knows the club. I'm sure (Wenger) is still ambitious to win trophies. As long as you don't lose the connection with the team."