US basketball star Dennis Rodman has presented gifts to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. In what is his fifth visit to the hermit nation, Rodman gifted several items including a copy of Donald Trump's 'The Art of the Deal' to officials in the capital Pyongyang.

The book, which was released by Trump back in 1987, includes slogans such as "think big" and "maximize your options."

As well as Trump's popular book, Rodman presented two autographed basketball jerseys, two bags of soaps and toiletries, a mermaid jigsaw, and a copy of 'Where's Waldo?'

Rodman has described the North Korean leader as a "friend for life" after he was hosted twice by Kim Jong-un, in 2013 and 2014.

He also has a friendship with Trump. The basketballer appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, which Trump presented, and Rodman said that the president was "a great friend for many years."

Tensions between North Korea and the US have grown in recent months following several missile tests and a rise in rhetoric between the two nations' leaders.

Rodman's arrival in the Korean Peninsula on Tuesday (13 June), came shortly after the nation decided to release Otto Warmbier, the US student who has been confined for 15 months after being sentenced to 17 years heard labour.

It was revealed that he had been in a coma for some time and Pyongyang described his release as being for "humanitarian reasons." Officials in both nations have denied that Rodman played a role in his release.