It's time to strike back. President Tom Kirkman has finally given the go-ahead for a military attack on the Al Sakar terrorist group, after one of their members Majid Nassar releases a video, claiming responsibility for the devastating bombing of the Capitol.

In episode 4, we saw the new Commander-in-Chief take some major decisions. He took strong measures to control the growing unrest in Michigan and after much deliberation, agreed to send in troops to infiltrate the terrorist hideout in Algeria in response to the attack on the US.

Episode 5 of Designated Survivortitled The Mission, did not air last week, but returns with the preparations for the military strike. Around 20 Navy Seals will be deployed in Algeria to capture Nassar.

In the trailer, we see Kirkman having a conversation with the leader of the team, who assures him that they are the best at what they do.

"Amateurs talk tactics sir, professionals talk logistics. My men train for missions like this all day, every day," the commander explains.
Kirkman however, cannot dismiss the human risk involved and commends the soldiers' "non-stop sacrifice". Will he be able to deal with any loses that might be incurred during the mission?

If this were not enough for him to worry about, according to TV Guide, the president will also be forced to deal with a new set of problems closer home. According to the report, the Kirkman family is going to be submerged in a scandal that could shake Tom's already weak position and a family member may turn out to not be who they say they are.

To find out how the drama unfolds, watch episode 5 of Designated Survivor on Wednesday, 26 October at 10/9pm CT on ABC. Alternatively, catch the show online on the official website.