A designer in California has spent 14 months creating an unbelievable Godzilla costume that he says weighs over 150lbs or almost 70kg.

Kystopher Baioa posted the first image of the costume which took over a year to make on Saturday (15 July). "Without further adieu, I give you Fusion Godzilla..." he wrote in a Facebook post.

Baioa wrote that he had yet to calculate just how much all the material cost him but estimated it was around $3,000 (£2,300). He also said that the costume weighted "well over" 150lbs.

"Blood, sweat, and tears were poured into this thing. Countless hours of my spare time went into it," Baioa wrote before thanking his friend Justin Caldera without whom, he added: "this suit would not look or move like how he does today".

He also thanked another friend, Kolton Kolbaba for giving up much of his own time to the project and his family "for putting up with the tornado that would follow me throughout the house and allowing me a space to create Fusion Godzilla".

On the Facebook page Krystopher's Creations, Baioa shared a number of pictures and videos of the suit as it was being made and then the finished project in action at the Godzilla Fest in Chicago in mid-July.