Bungie has remained tight-lipped on the story details of "Destiny 2" Season 18, but fans definitely can expect a few changes in the coming seasonal update, as confirmed by the developer. Here are some of the details known so far about the next season of the free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game.

While the story of "Destiny 2" Season 18 remains a secret, something devastating is likely to happen this time based on the released synopsis. Some of the worrying scenarios that players will somehow have to deal with include an army of Pyramid Fleet ships surrounding the solar system while the Witness is closing in on the Traveller, which could suggest the Light and Darkness saga might be nearing its climax, according to GameSpot.

"It has arrived. As we prepare for fate to unfold, the people of the Last City look to the stars--to us--for hope," the description for the upcoming season reads. "And while we have triumphed in the face of impossible odds before, this time feels different. But if there is to be no escape, our story will be one of courage, one of [the] legends."

There are four subclasses in "Destiny 2" namely Arc, Solar, Void, and Stasis. While Void got the "3.0" treatment in The Witch Queen and Season of the Haunted introduced Solar 3.0, the upcoming season will now upgrade the Arc subclass with Arc 3.0.

The upgrade of the subclass will focus on mobility and power. "Arc is really just, 'go fast and hit stuff,'" said Destiny designer Sam Dunn in a Bungie blog post. "We call it the 'hold W' subclass. Everything is built around moving forward and enabling aggression and those abilities."

"Destiny 2" Season 18 will also introduce a major overhaul for exotic weapons and armour. The developer has already confirmed that there will be PvP-focused changes for Lord of Wolves, Dead Man's Tale, Collective Obligation, and Omnioculus.

The "Destiny 2" Season 18 release date will fall on August 23, 2022. However, there will be some downtown before that happens due to maintenance.

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