DeviantArt, a popular online art community and social network introduced a brand-new Artificial Intelligence tool called DreamUp that enables their system to create works of art on their own by analyzing thousands of images.

They are currently facing immense backlash for this. One user said, "DeviantArt has decided your artwork there is fair game to be used in their new AI generator by default. You have to go to an obscure form to opt-out and requires 10 days to be reviewed."

Another artist warned others in the community, "Fellow artists: Deviantart isn't only allowing AI to use your art by default, but you ALSO have to submit a form to opt-out of it. BEFORE YOU DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT, if you planned to do so, I suggest you use Redact to mass delete your posts."

However, DeviantArt CEO Moti Levy firmly posits that "AI technology for creation is a powerful force we can't ignore. It would be impossible for DeviantArt to try to block or censor this art technology."

"We see so many instances where AI tools help artists' creativity, allowing them to express themselves in ways they could not in the past. That said, we believe we have a responsibility to all creators. To support AI art, we must also implement fair tools and add protections in this domain," Levy continued.

The creators of DreamUp advance their AI as one that can make art accessible for everybody while at the same time, protecting artists from theft.

"Declare whether your art is authorized or unauthorized for inclusion in third-party datasets used to train AI models. We're calling on other creator platforms to adopt this approach, giving artists more control over non-human usage," they said.

Still, there leaves much to be desired with the current bureaucratic process as the form to opt out of the AI is obscure and requires 10 days to be reviewed.

Wikimedia Commons