Ever since that video of Beyoncé's sister Solange attacking Jay Z in a lift after the Met Gala emerged online, the power couple's previously 'perfect' marriage has been put under the microscope and they have been dogged by divorce rumours.

While some fans are still trying to figure out why the 32-year-old songstress stood by and watched her sister kick and punch her husband, a new report has claimed that the infamous incident was all staged to create a buzz just in time for Bey and Jay Z's joint On the Run tour.

According to Billboard's article Jay Z, Beyonce and the Rumor Mill: Who's Pulling the Strings? the couple, who are worth close to one billion dollars combined, have been controlling the media narrative all along.

The website points out that actual facts about their relationship are few and far between and the rumour mill has been churned with gossip and claims from 'family insiders'.

"Always consider the timing in these situations," celebrity publicist Jonathan Hay told Billboard. "That staged elevator fight hit the news immediately before the release of their On The Run tour trailer video. The fight gives regular news stations -- beyond just entertainment news -- a headline, which broadens their audience.

"They're also going to bring up the On The Run tour and ask questions like, 'Will their be drama on the road?' and, 'Is this going to be the final performances of Jay Z and Beyonce?' They created a compelling spectacle, which ultimately creates a demand."

While some would struggle to believe Queen B and the rap mogul need an elaborate PR stunt to push ticket sales, the numbers seem to suggest just that.

Despite rumours of initial poor ticket sales, Jay Z and Beyonce's On the Run Tour, which wraps up in San Francisco, has scooped over $100m (£59m).

"These shows sold tremendously well at the end, so we were able to sell-up limited-view and clean up production holds or other holds," said Omar Al-Joulani, the tours promoter and producer.

"It was a very successful tour, and we're pleased to have that big gross number at the end."

It could be said that impressive tickets sales were down to a mixture of concertgoers hoping that some of the backstage drama would spill over unto the stage and the press covering each show secretly wishing the same.

Of course fans never really know what happens with the Carters behind closed doors. Fiancially at least - according to Al-Joulani - "everybody's winning".