Rita Ora
Rita Ora has denied reports that she once dated Nick Jonas.

Rita Ora has denied reports that she once dated Nick Jonas.

The 21-year-old former Disney star wrote a track for his former group the Jonas Brothers last year titled What Do I Mean To You, in which a woman named Rita is said to have ill-treated him.

The lyrics read: "No need for water Rita, you got the wine / Searching for diamonds, when I gave you the time / Keys to an open door, don't need a lock / Stains on a dirty floor, you don't see a spot."

During an interview on US chat show Watch What Happens Live, Ora revealed that they never dated.

"I have heard the song and I have heard that rumor and I really don't know where it came from," Ora said. " [I] never [dated him]. I actually met Nick through a friend and it was a very weird situation because we were close, but it never went to that level and then I read the lyric and I kind of messaged him and was like, 'I have no idea where this came from. If you want to talk about it, call me.'"

"He was like, 'You know what, I just obviously didn't put out how I felt across to you properly'. And it was one of those situations. He never really told me that I think, but regardless we're still friends and I still have a lot of respect for him," Rita added.

Ora has been dating Scottish DJ Calvin Harris since May last year.