Media outlets around the world covered the passing of Argentine football legend Diego Maradona. Following his brain surgery and subsequent heart attack, it was inevitable for his bouts with substance abuse to be mentioned. His son, Diego Jr., was reportedly left furious by comments made by some journalists about his father's "addiction."

On Monday, Guiseppe Cruciani and his colleague David Parenzo were talking about Maradona on the show titled "La Zanzara." "He was just a cocaine addict," said Cruciani.

Diego Jr. was not impressed and took to social media to hit back. "Cruciani and Parenzo, pray that you never cross me in the corridors of Mediaset," he wrote.

According to Marca, the two journalists immediately apologised and Diego Jr. accepted. The row has been settled and the matter is closed, but it serves as a reminder to media practitioners that the footballer, despite being a massive celebrity, is also just a human being being with a family.

Meanwhile, the circumstances surrounding Maradona's death remain suspicious. The doctors who treated him are now under investigation, and one of his nurses has released some explosive accusations.

"Diego was an addicted patient, but he only took pills for his psychiatric prescription. That made his heart race. His heart was subjected to an extra work and there was no control over that extra work. His heart could have continued to function, but it was forced by psychiatric medication and he was not treated for it. There was recklessness or negligence," said Dahiana, the nurse who attended to him before his death.

Maradona's personal physician, Dr. Leopoldo Luque, had earlier denied any wrongdoing. He said that he recommended for Maradona to recover at a rehabilitation facility, but the football legend and his family decided against it.

The nurse had also claimed that Maradona suffered from a fall a week before his death, but was not taken to a hospital to be evaluated. The investigation continues as to what is now being looked at as a possible wrongful death.

Maradona and his doctor
Diego Maradona (R) and his doctor Leopoldo Luque are pictured in Olivos, Argentina on November 11 Photo: Diego Maradona press office / -