Gold tokenisation platform DigixGlobal, which recently completely its wildly successful crowdsale of DigixDAO tokens, is adding Ethereum-based assets to regulated, well-established exchanges in Hong Kong and China.

DigixGlobal's soon-to-be released DigixDAO DGD tokens are officially being added to Gatecoin, a Hong Kong-based, regulated financial institution for blockchain assets from 29 April 2016. Gatecoin also has plans to list DGX tokens (the Gold standard currency on Ethereum) in the near future.

Gatecoin was founded in 2013 by former investment banking professionals and is regulated as a licensed Money Service Operator in Hong Kong. Gatecoin's exchange platform currently lists bitcoin, ether (Ethereum) against fiat currency pairs including HKD, EUR, USD and soon CNY.

Meanwhile, DigixDAO's DGD tokens will also be listed on Yunbi, the largest Ethereum blockchain asset exchange in China. Yunbi is a next-generation blockchain asset exchange founded in 2013 and currently based in Beijing, China. This year's DevCon 2 will be held in Shanghai and Ethereum's inventor Vitalik Buterin is personally heading up a crypto 2.0 vanguard into China, which is now flourishing with enthusiasm for the technology.

Yunbi, formerly Peatio exchange, currently transacts an average of almost $1.2m in volume per day from their more than twenty thousand registered customers worldwide. Yunbi's Co-founder and CTO, Qiu Liang, said: "Yunbi's forward-looking vision aims to be the most influential blockchain assets exchange in China. We are interested with integrating more Ethereum based assets such as DGD tokens. We hope this first listing of an ICO can be a game-changer and an endorsement to how the industry of crypto-assets are moving forward."

Co-founder and CEO of Gatecoin, Aurelien Menant, said: "We see great potential for an increasing number of 'blockchain assets' such as DAO tokens for dapps being built on top of Ethereum, such as DigixDAO, which has tangible, real-world, disruptive potential. We are very proud to have DigixGlobal as an additional gateway for token trading and hope this brings greater visibility and wider participation in their DAO."

Gatecoin listed Augur's token REP in November 2015, and these are currently traded as IOU contracts on the exchange. With the impending wave of crowdfunding made popular by the great success of DigixGlobal's DigixDAO, this integration of Ethereum-based assets, based off the standard token API, makes Gatecoin the exchange of choice for new tokens who can prove themselves to the market.

DigixGlobal is the LBMA-approved Gold standard token platform built off Ethereum and recently conducted their successful crowdsale of DigixDAO (Decentralized Autonomous Exchange) on 30 March 2016. The raise of a targeted sum of $5,500,000 within 12 hours, is attracting exchanges to list the DGD tokens up. It was formerly announced that the decentralised exchange, OpenLedger, will also be listing their tokens.

Co-founder and CEO of DigixGlobal, Kai C. Chng said: "Gatecoin has been a very recognizable exchange among our community due to their commitment to ease of use and reputable team. We are equally excited to not only be the first Ethereum-based token, but also paving the way for future Ethereum-based assets who wish to have their tokens listed on an exchange like Gatecoin."

DigixDAO (DGD) token holders can use these tokens to approve or reject projects that spur the development of Ethereum based applications, which could directly or indirectly increase the volume of DGX gold tokens on Ethereum. The ETH that is raised by DigixDAO are not owned nor controlled by DigixGlobal, but by the DGD token holders themselves.

Anthony Eufemio, CTO of DigixGlobal, said: "Anything that happens on the blockchain remains on the blockchain. As a reward for being part of DigixDAO, DGD token holders can claim rewards on transaction fees collected on DGX gold transactions from DigixDAO. DigixDAO functions by autonomously collecting the 0.13% transaction fee associated with DGX (capped at 1 DGX per transaction) on the blockchain."

Shaun Djie, DigixGlobal's co-founder and Director of Business Development, added: "The receptivity and the dynamics of exchange integrations makes the crypto-world a changing landscape and the integration expertise of Ethereum-based assets amongst other exchanges will only increase over time when proliferation of Ethereum tokens come around. We at Digix are always very welcoming for opportunities to be visible in the community."