sign in Australian cafe
A sign explaining the café's rule to customers Facebook

A cafe in the Western Australian town of Carnarvon is asking customers not to hand them money kept in their bras and pants. The cafe put up a sign reading "We do not accept $$$$ from bras or underpants" and has sparked some controversy in Australia.

Robin Weekes, owner of the Fascine Coffee Lounge, told ABC in Australia that himhe and his employees did not want to deal with sweaty money coming out of people's underwear any more so he decided to put up the sign. He said he had turned away customers because of the rule.

This worked for a while but, according to Weekes, "people just caught on that they could take their money out of their bras before they came in".

"A couple of people pulled out money from their undies, other people from their bras," said Weekes, "I know it's basically women, we've had some men that have put it in their jocks and pulled it out from there."

Corey Weekes, a co-owner of the cafe, told Mashable that "it's just not a great thing to experience when you're at work. It's sweaty, my employees hate it and I don't like it." During the summer, temperatures in Carnarvon can reach around 45°C.

Some in Australia have not taken kindly to the cafe's new rule. A woman on local talk radio reportedly complained that although she agrees "money is dirty in terms of bacterial stuff", she doesn't think there's much difference between keeping it in a bra and holding it in a sweaty hand – also mentioning that a lot of women's clothing doesn't have pockets.