Donald Trump
Donald Trump plays a round of golf after the opening of The Trump International Golf Links Course on 10 July 2012 Getty

A planned closure by the US coast guard along parts of the Potomac River to 'protect' the Trump family has been met with derision by athletes and anglers.

Donald Trump regularly visits the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, which borders the Potomac.

Athletes, paddlers, anglers and disabled veterans use the two-mile stretch of the river on a regular basis. But while Trump is in residence, whether he is working or playing golf, the area has to be closed by the coast guard to protect the President and his family.

Many people are affected by the closure. A group of disabled veterans are among those who will be worst affected by the closure. The closed-off stretch includes Riley's Lock, which is used on a regular basis as part of kayaking exercises for veterans who have been injured in combat.

Speaking to the Washington Post, John Deitle, a former marine said: "It's just heart-breaking. Granted, it's his golf course. But he has other golf courses."

It is thought that tree-felling has added to the growing security concerns at the golf course.

In 2010, hundreds of trees along the edge of the Potomac were cut down, providing those on the river a clear sight of the golf course.

The location of the golf course exclusion zone means that residents on both sides are affected, which means affecting two separate states - Maryland to the north and Virginia to the south.

Lt. Amanda Faulkner, a spokeswoman for the Coast Guard, said that a "permanent security zone" would set up to help users of the river know when and where the site would be closed.

She added: "In a lot of ways this is better for the public, because they have more information."

Brett Mayer, of the American Canoe Association, said: "It's reasonable that the Secret Service and the Coast Guard are working together to create a secure zone. If there's a motorcade in DC, you might have to sit there for 20 minutes and wait for the motorcade to pass. These closures, they're temporary, and they're sporadic."

Trump had been spending the weekend at the golf course for the Women's US Open, which was won by South Korea's Park Sung-hyun.