The controversial Six Chair Challenge has once again sparked frenzy after the latest episode of X Factor, and this time its judge Sharon Osbourne faced the brunt of her decisions.

According to the new norm added this year, 64-year-old Osbourne was seated away from the fellow judges as she picked six lucky contestants for the girls' category. However, majority of her choices failed to conform to popular opinion as she ended up disappointing both fans and the other judges.

The round of shocking decision began with Scottish singer Nicole Caldwell – whose iteration of Fatboy Slim's Praise You won her accolades from Simon Cowell – but failed to impress Osbourne.

"For me what I know is coming up, and I'm gonna have to say no," she said. Amid a collective sigh of disappointment from the audience, the English TV personality then sparked a second meltdown by kicking out fan-favourite Shanaya Atkinson-Jones.

Unable to hide his disbelief, Cowell banged the desk while co-judge Nicole Scherzinger exclaimed "What", adding, "I cannot believe she did that."

Atkinson-Jones, 19, who had captivated the judges with her rendition of I Know Where You've Been, was given the boot by Osbourne, who instead chose Jenny Ball to take the seat following her performance of Iris.

But that's not all. Osbourne soon replaced Ball with Deanna Mussington before dishing out her most controversial decision of the night. The reality TV judge next chose to give Grace Davies a chance, in the process ousting the immensely popular Alisah Bonaobra, a shocking choice that ultimately saw Cowell storming off the stage.

"I would have made very different decisions tonight," Cowell said following the decision.

Uncertainty ensued further, as Osbourne brought back Bonaobra for a sing-off with Scarlett Lee and Rai-Elle Williams – ultimately securing the 22-year-old Bonaobra a position in the final six.

Osbourne's indecisiveness was furiously criticised as fans later took to social media to express their disappointment.

"Watching the #Xfactor there, Sharon Osbourne telling a girl with low self-esteem and crippling anxiety "to get a grip" as "she is 27" in front of thousands of people was absolutely disgusting!" fumed a viewer.