Twitter users have reacted to Disney's $52.4bn (£39bn) acquisition of 21st Century Fox with a mixture of excitement and concern.

The deal sees many popular franchises move from Fox to Disney, including beloved brands such as The Simpsons, Alien and Avatar.

That adds to Disney's considerable children's entertainment empire which comprises Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Toy Story and The Lion King. The deal means Disney owns an even larger chunk of your happy childhood memories.

Disney has been adding to its substantial portfolio for a number of years and the deal with Fox eclipses previous buy-outs of LucasFilm in 2012 and Pixar in 2006.

Along with the 21st Century Fox film studio, Disney will also gain television entity FX, a portion of European broadcaster Sky, and Fox's stake in video-streaming service Hulu.

What has captured most people's imaginations, however, is how Disney will use its new assets. Can it sprinkle its undeniable magic on its new acquisitions, or will it be a death-knell for less popular brands? The questions remain unanswered but that has not stopped some wild speculation on Twitter:

The Simpsons, which has a knack for seeing into the future, predicted the deal all the way back in 1998 - around the same time it foresaw the Trump presidency. Eerie.

One user thought the acquisition was too close for comfort.

The possibilities arising from the takeover are endless.