With families cooped up in their homes for a long time due to safety restrictions, many are looking forward to spending some time at theme parks. Now, Disneyland's California Adventure has set its eyes on hosting ticketed events in March to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

CNN revealed that the California Adventure Park will bring back 1,000 workers for its slated limited reopening in March. Since the state has not yet allowed full reopening, what will happen is that guests will have a limited fun experience at the park.

Ken Potrock, Disneyland Resort President, stated in an announcement that the park will provide guests with beverages and food. There will be merchandise, and also "carefully crafted entertainment experiences."

This is promising news for 1,000 of the park's cast members as it will once more provide some work for them. Tens of thousands of employees lost their jobs when the park closed last year due to the pandemic. But with the ticketed event, guests may be able to once more experience the magical environment of Disney.

The ticketed events will take place in March on multiple days. The events will be timed as well. The plans coincide with the California Adventure's annual festival.

Cnet reported that Disney has not yet given any official statement on the said events but the report stated that the California Adventure theme park will be available to the public except for the rides.

Some of the areas of the theme park already reopened last year. For instance, the main street of the theme park reopened on Nov. 19. Some areas of Hollywood Land, including the Buena Vista Street opened for shopping and dining. The planned ticketed events will open more areas and dining locations, like the Award Wieners, Cathay Circle Lounge, Smokejumper's Grill, and Starbucks. There will also be carts for popcorn and churros.

Disneyland in California was due to open on July 17 but has said its gates will now stay closed owing to the virus resurgence, without naming a new date. Photo: AFP / DAVID MCNEW

The California Adventure reopening further expands the areas that the theme park has already made available for the public. In July 2020, Downtown Disney's dining and shopping areas reopened. With regards to reopening the dining and shopping locations along Main Street USA, Disney still has to make an announcement Currently, Disneyland's Toy Story parking lot is still being used as a coronavirus vaccination site.