Dizzee Rascal has accused fellow grime artist Wiley of "shacking up" with a 14-year-old girl and being a "nonce" like the notorious paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile.

The grime superstar, whose real name is Dylan Kwabena Mills, accused Wiley, real name is Richard Cowie Jnr, of sexual conduct with the teenager and that "I've never seen a nonce so protected since Saville [sic]".

The outburst came on the eve of his new UK tour on Sunday (1 October), with Dizzee calling out Wiley. "I was making Grime when Wiley was on Top of the pops with Pay as you Go and shacking up with school l girls. I'm not the Godfather I'm GOD," he tweeted.

Wiley, who is often called the "Godfather of grime", fired back saying Dizzee owed his career to him. "Dizzee you have 1 classic grime album you are not god and you haven't helped anyone in grime except yourself. Who took you to nick?" he tweeted.

"Dizzee without me this career you have wouldn't of happened ask nick right now Cos both of you owe your success to me I hooked you up."

That only seemed to further rile Dizzee, who questioned his rival's influence on grime:

Wiley replied by making the claim if Dizzee hadn't touched the bum of former So Solid Crew member Lisa Maffia they'd still be friends:

He then appeared to attempt to diffuse the argument by retweeting a post saying him and Dizzee who both grew up in the same area of Bow in east London, were like "2 brothers who can't get on. Deep down I'm sure they got love for each other."

Some have accused Dizzee of deliberately stoking the flames to drum up publicity for his upcoming tour, which starts in Liverpool on Monday. His sixth studio album Raskit was released in the summer.