Shocking statistics from Asia-Pacific have revealed that buying crystal methamphetamine (meth) is now more affordable than a meal at Burger King.

While police seizures have reportedly quadrupled in five years, production of the drug too has seen a jump in line with the economic opportunities in the region.

According to a report by the UN Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) covering south east and East Asia, but excluding South Asia, crystal meth production saw a jump from 11 to 42 metric tons between 2008 and 2013.

"Both crystal methamphetamine and also methamphetamine pill seizure are continuing to increase and based on the data we have received we don't believe the momentum is going to stop at the moment," said UNODC Programme Coordinator for East Asia, Tun Nay Soe.

Police seizures reportedly doubled during this period from 7 to 14 metric tons.

Meth drug, which is also known as ice, comes in powder and pill form that can either be crushed, smoked or swallowed in the pill-form.

Asia's favourite drug was found to be the cheapest in Myanmar and Laos followed by Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and China, according to UN data, reported The Global Post.

Meth can reportedly be bought for as little as $2 (£1.30) in meth-producing heartland Myanmar, according to the UN figures.

A source told Global Post, however, that the price can be even lower at nearly 50 cents.